Nutshell Magazine - the dream. We started it because we thought the literary magazines around at the time were blessed with either good content or good looks. 

We wanted both. 

And more. Because sometimes even the poems in the magazines with good content didn't move us. There were too many poems which ticked all the poetry boxes but gave us a feeling of déjà lu, or made us feel like putting the book down and watching a video of kittens. Or doing the washing up while watching the video of kittens.

So we made a new magazine and asked poets and short story writers to send us their work so that we could find those pieces that really made us fall off our bus seat, spill our coffee, choke on our bagel. Or laugh.

Then we asked illustrators and artists to take inspiration from those pieces to make something new. Sometimes we would find artwork elsewhere, images that were not created for a piece but that worked with it and we published them together. We called up people we liked and interviewed them to see what they had to say. We found designers who fancied putting an issue together and got them to do their thing.

We had no money - we made no money. But we had spare time and we had fun. We asked bands who loved words and images and magazines and freebies to come and play some fundraiser gigs. The bands played, the writers read, the punters drunk, danced, payed a fiver to get in, and left with a copy of Nutshell so that we could make the next. 

It worked.

Editors came and went as it's right - they were Emma Gibson, Ian McLachlan, Rebecka Mustajärvi, Helena Michaelson, Paul McGrane, Jack Ralph and Sophie Wardell, with Faye Fornasier as the constant lifeline in chief. Then Faye had a kid and that was a bigger project. So Nutshell came to an end.

This website is an archive. Enjoy & thank you.